The language

Binary and src packages are available for linux x86-64, linux i686, darwin (x86-64 12.5.0) and win32 (mingw32) at the github releases page.

Or you can download the latest potion source from here.

$ git clone
$ cd potion

After unpacking potion, cd to that directory and run GNU make (version 4.0 preferred):

$ gmake DEBUG=1

There should be not many errors and you should see a welcome message at the end of the output with a decent new compiler (clang preferred). See

If anything goes wrong, first check the known issues and you might want to contact us at irc:// or add a new issue. Note that we don't support strict C++ compilers, MSVC, and BSD make out of the box.

You now have a 'potion' binary in the bin directory. Optionally, to test it, run:

$ gmake test


$ bin/potion

You can install it globally with

$ gmake install


For the current architecture run

$ make dist

to create packages in the 'pkg' directory.

For the various cross-compilers run

$ tools/